#5 Phione

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Phione was an orphan, growing up on the cobblestone streets of a steam-powered town built on top of the massive ruins of a long forgotten temple. She looked after a bunch of young pickpockets & thieves almost like a big sister. That was until one day when she just disappeared. Rumors swirled. Some said she had fallen off a high ledge while trying to escape some guards. Others said she had been caught while on a grift & thrown in the dungeon, forgotten about. The gang went on without her & the town changed. More creatures had started appearing & it started to get more & more dangerous. Then one day, when they needed her most, Phione returned. But she wasn’t the same Phione they knew. She was older, battle-hardened. And she spoke of an ominous threat for which they all had to prepare.


Yeah, yeah, yeah. I’m way behind. But I’m not giving up just yet.

As I’m looking to go the full cycle again this year as far as categories go, I needed to get a fantasy & a steampunk character out of the way. Growing up, I played a crapload of Final Fantasy. And that is kind of what I was aiming for with this character, something that would cover both those bases. Don’t know how well that happened. Nothing about her as a character is particularly steampunk, but I imagine the place she inhabits is. I’m putting her down as that but I’ve got another character in the works that fits that a lot better. My favorite part of this’s the silly hair.

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