09 – The Botanist

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The botanist is precisely what his name suggests – a man who really loves botany.  So much so, that having catalogued in detail all plant species of his time – the 29th Century, he wanted to catalogue some more!  Realising that there were considerably more plant species in the past, he bought an old time machine in a second hand shop, and rebuilt it into a suit.  The suit not only allowed him to time travel, but also backed up his conciousness into its memory banks so he would never forget anything.  At this point he travelled back to the 15th century and began his cataloguing a new is secret.

Over time however he began to age beyond the limits of even the 29th centuries limit to keep him alive, and so he customised the suit to download his mind into it.  When he died his conciousness was in the suit and he carried on going.   Despite being dead for at least 150 years, to the point where all that remains is his skeleton floating within the temporal bubble produced by the suit, he carries on cataloguing plants, and upon revealling himself tothe world, is one of its most respected scientists.

This started as me wanting to have a time traveller in my roster of characters and then got extended from there – what about a time traveller who travelled so much he died and didn’t really notice?  I liekd the idea of a skeleton visual, but the reason I chose botany as his reason was pretty simple, I wanted something that’d make him very much the eccentric!

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  1. Proof that a man’s goal can keep him going no matter what!

  2. Cool concept and execution! The suspended skeleton is a beautiful tough, brings it all together. Great work!

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