#11 – Vaulomia

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Vaulomia is the daughter of Veauca and Lonauis and has royal blood from both sides of her family.  However her mother is a dragon and her father is a fairy so both their families kicked them out for mating with each other.  Vaulomia – or Mia as most people call her – is the only dragon-fairy hybrid in existence.

Her mother died within days of giving birth to her, leaving her father to raise her on his own.  There are many out there who want to harm her – dragons and fairies who see her as an abomination that needs to be destroyed, or sorcerers and others who seek to gain her unique powers by draining and drinking her blood.  Her father protects her with the help of Belatee, the Goddess of Fate, who took in her parents when they had nowhere to go and now gives Mia and her father sanctuary.

Mia grew up in Belatee’s palace, but she was sometimes picked on by visitors.  So Belatee had a mini-mansion built on sacred land for them that requires a password to enter, and personally selected three companions to serve and teach Mia as she grows up.

Belatee insists on protecting her because Mia is one day going to save both her parents’ species when the dragons wake and the magic world goes to war with the science of mortal who are trying to rid the world of magic. Mia and other mixed race creatures similar to her (including Erion) will unite the First Race and make peace possible.  Mia has a very important role to play and must be protected for that reason alone.

Unlike both her parents she cannot shift form.  She was born a human and can only take human form – however she can change her size from gigantic to tiny, and can sprout either dragon wings or fairy wings depending on what size she is at the time.  She is very sweet and gentle, and loves to learn new things.  She’s curious and intelligent and although its rare that she gets mad, when she does she breaths fire – literally.  She also glows when she gets scared.

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