#12 Waiting

| November 14, 2011 | 4 Comments

Loretta was 9 years old when she first met the man of her dreams while playing outside her house…although years older than her, she swore she would marry him one day. Since the first brief meeting, she has sat at her window waiting for this man to return…believing he will eventually to whisk her away into a happy ending. However as each month passes, Loretta grows more and more bitter and her thoughts grow darker….leading her mind to produce 1 strange spider-like creature for every month that the man does not arrive.

*** Can’t wait to design the older, aged Loretta…stay tuned!

Category: 2011, Fantasy, Horror

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  1. Adorable little spider guys, and wonderful overall rendering, you’ve been doing awesome this whole challenge! Keep at it!

  2. artisticatlawson says:

    Amazing picture, I really enjoy all the story elements of your characters.

  3. dazdays says:

    Thanks for all the positive feedback! It really helps encourage me to keep pushing forwards….I’ve definitely fallen behind so its a little daunting the amount of work still yet to be done! Anyway-Thanks again!

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