#13 – Kaydi Kariff

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Kaydi is one of the Four Seasons – Autumn – and lives in Vermont, working as a substitute teacher whenever she has the time.  She loves teaching elementary school children about history and English, math and science –and especially about nature.

There are fifty Seasons across the world – 12 of each on each continent except the North and South poles where a Winter Queen rules each one.  They have control of the weather during their season and are generally responsible for making sure the change occurs and helping all the animals, plants, and people get ready for the next season (all in an omniscient way of course).  They all gather together once every four years on February 29.

It’s during this reunion one year that some of the Seasons don’t show up.  They discover that someone is kidnapping Seasons and taking away their powers in order to have dominion over North America. Kaydi, along with three seasons goes to find help and eventually Kaydi ends up kidnapped as well.  She manages to pass her powers to another before she is grabbed and ends up becoming a full time teacher in her beloved small town in Vermont and is actually quite happy to no longer have the responsibility of a Season.

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  1. Nycteris says:

    Oh my goodness, this is such a fun piece!
    And I Love the concept behind it!! Wow! I want to see more!

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