#14 Sam Pendowski

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Seventeen-year-old. Aspiring hockey player. Best friend…of a ghost.

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Name: Samuel Pendowski.

Age: 17.

Appearance: Average height for his age (5’10). Stocky frame well suited to his sport of choice. Light brown hair, grey eyes, fair skin with some freckles. Of Jewish and Irish descent.

Personal: Quiet and reserved. Average student; enjoys history and geography, and would like the opportunity to travel at some point. Somewhat of a music snob.

Overview: Being the person listed as Marcus Waite’s emergency contact, Sam is the first person close to Marcus to see his body–not a privilege he wanted, exactly. A few days after the funeral, an apparition begins to appear to him, the very ghostly image of his best friend. Not an unwelcome thing,  but soon he must make the decision of whether to send Marcus on his way…or hold on.

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