#14 – Adrika the Thief

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Day 14 - Adrika the Thief by George Ward

Adrika is a small, spunky young woman who is a master of the blade. Outspoken and smart mouthed, she has had to fight her way out of trouble on more occasions then she can count.  The youngest of five children, she has been bullied and mistreated by her older brothers most of her life.  Her father was a brute of a man who cared little about having a daughter and her mother was too over worked and feeble to stand up for her only daughter.  As a result, Adrika has had to learn to defend herself against opponents much bigger and stronger then her most of her life.  She was blessed with an amazing dexterity and flexibility that helped her survive long enough to learn to fight with a blade.  As a result, she never faces a foe face to face and will dodge attacks until she can gain the upper hand.  As an adult, she is feared by all who know her and few would dare get on her bad side.  However, there is always some stranger who comes into town and mistakes her for a smart-mouthed brat.  She usually allows them to live so they can spread her name across the country. She hopes that one day everyone will know Adrika is the name of someone not to be trifled with.

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