#14 Canis the Mighty

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Canis The Mighty700 years ago, the kingdom of Kryzania knew nothing but war. Peace was an illusion, and those who wouldn’t serve under the merciless king Kryzan would quickly know death. An ancient talisman transformed a young male into a mighty warrior whose sole purpose was to destroy  the evil and bring peace in his world once again.

His name was Canis.

He eventually defeated Kryzan and took over the kingdom, now known as Arziana and brought in a new era of change.

A generation has passed and King Canis, weathered by the sands of time, still reigns supreme. A group of soldiers, lead by the ancestors of Kryzan, is preparing to take back the kingdom and kill the king. They have no idea the old Dog King still has a lot of bite behind his bark and is more than prepared to unleash hell on his opponents.

Canis: (c) & TM Jeff Harris dba Studio Lightcount.

Category: 2011, Drama, Fantasy

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