#14 – Daphne Delmeyer

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Daphne is not someone you want to cross. The middle-aged woman is cursed in a state of perpetual wrathful anger. Whenever she is enraged at something, she’s consumed with it, and she will not rest until the thing is destroyed – whether it’s a thing, a person, or something even more complex. The longer it takes her to destroy it, the more terrible and wild her emotions become. When said object of her rage is defeated, she must find something new to focus her rage on, or else she has a complete mental breakdown. The only thing that she can’t get enraged at (though she’s tried many times) is her own anger, and trust me, she hates her anger about as much as whatever she’s targeting. She’s doomed to this endless cycle for the rest of her life.

Nobody is quite sure if Daphne is legitimately cursed… or if she has a severe mental problem. She’s definitely made claims about witches in the past, though. Rumor has it that the witch who cursed her was the first thing she destroyed.

Nowadays, Daphne tries to control the cycle as best as she can. She serves as sort of a mix between assassin, secret agent, and diplomat… as confusing as it sounds. She tries her best to align her rage towards the true injustices of the world… but she’s only human. Sooner or later, she’s going to target something – or someone – she never meant to.

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