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My brother is writing an epic story and sent some character descriptions my way so I thought I would give them a shot 🙂

Here is the first one he sent me:

Name: Talvaren’das’ren (A.k.a) Tal

Race: Othep

The Othep draw a likeness to Native American cultures in skin tone and profile. Their key trait is that they can change the alchemical property of any object. For example a piece of iron can be turned into a sword, sort of like full metal alchemist. They also carry tattoos that symbolize the tribe they are from.


  • Dark skin(Native American descent)
  • muscular build
  • tattoos covering most of body, with a unique symbol on his chest symbolizing the God of Death.
  • Black hair, about chin length enter
  • heavy chains wrapped around both his forearms
  • wears loose black pants
  • leather boots
  • long black cloak


  • was once a member of the infamous death squads(ruthless mercenary assassins feared throughout the land)
  • tried to leave the death squad and now his partners are hunting him down.
  • protects a young mage by the name of Palnar
  • has a strong sense of honor and protecting others yet there is no fury greater than his


Hope he likes it 🙂 Tumblr: littlebunbun.tumblr.com

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