#3- Moustache McGloin

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Moustache McGloin -Mystic Detective.

During one fateful evening in Ireland ten years ago, a young Michael “Moustache” McGloin was enjoying a boys night out on the town. Before the night was over his travels had brought him to the site where the Blarney stone was displayed. A sudden burst of lightening from the sky, splintered, hitting both the Blarney stone and Michael. What happened next changed Michael’s life forever. The lighting had opened the mystic abilities of the stone and bonded them with Michael. From that day forward Michael was able to see a whole new world than the one he was used to. Being ever the opportunist, Michael decided to use these abilities for the betterment of man and his wallet.


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  1. evilhare says:

    This guy would OWN Movember!

  2. JoeMulvey says:

    So you say.

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