#9 The Mini-Kraws

| November 14, 2011 | 4 Comments

Mini-Kraws are creatures unknown in origin who unquestionably do the bidding of their “father” The Thunder-Kraw. The Thunder-Kraw is a sentient creature who serves the commands of his rider the Slaymaiden. Very little is known about these beings for anyone who has encountered them has either died at the event or has been conquered and is in no position to share stories. The Slaymaiden and therefor the Thunder-Kraw and millions of Mini-Kraws  serve a powerful intergalactic warlord who’s identity is not yet known.

The webcomic “Internal Hero Presents”

Artist G.R. aka @retrospect360 on Twitter



Category: 2011, Fantasy, Superhero

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  1. That is one frightening beast.

  2. evilhare says:

    Creeepy! I like it!

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