Day 12: Jamal and Ric

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Jamal and Ric had plans. Raised on the streets together, they decided that they wouldn’t grow up like the greedy slum lords that controlled the streets.

No, they would dream bigger.

From a very young age they’ve trained to become the greatest crime lords the world would ever know. They started small, acts of larceny, petty fights, but their aim climbs higher all of the time.

They were perfectly on track to realize their malicious dreams.

And then Jamal had to go and get superpowers.

He and his flight and superstrength are drifting toward more moral goals. The same passion that Jamal had for crimefighting is now enveloped with the long strides of a superhero. Jamal always just wanted to be a catalyst for change in his neighborhood. He thought he had to do that by being the worst of them. Now? He controls his destiny.

But for Ric, being a great criminal was more than a passing diversion. It is his whole life. He will doggedly pursue his goals without pause.

Time and again the former brothers in arms will find themselves as opposing forces. There’s no way to say who will come out on top.

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  1. Man, these two right now are the most adorable crime lords in the Underworld.

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