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#15 – Arethousa-The Water Elemental

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Meet Arethousa the water elemental who is as old as the Earth itself! I introduced one of her counterparts, Faultline, in last years 30Characters. The last two Earth elementals, fire & air, will show up soon! Enjoy!

Day 15 – Ami

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Day 15: Ariel

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Character #15, Ariel. No sketches this time, she’s large scale design-wise. Her name’s a pun off of “Aerial”. No last name to her either, because she’s not a normal person.

She’s some kind of guardian spirit over the sky, and she controls the weather. Her colors, except for her skin tone and the whites of her eyes, change depending on what state the sky’s in. This is how her colors look typically in the day. Her hair and those bell things are the color of the clouds, her dress and eyes are the color of the sky, and her sash thing is the color of the sky to come. She has different color combos for the times of day (dawn, sunrise, day, afternoon, sunset, and evening) and weather conditions (sunny, cloudy, rainy, snowy).

She’s not strong or anything, kind of a fragile spirit. Ariel can float freely around, but if she’s caught, she can’t get out easily. Her strongest power is control over weather lightning, but it’s also her most unstable. She can’t make it hit the mark exactly yet.

#12 U.N.S.C.E.N.E. Director

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U.N.S.C.E.N.E. Director

As director of the United Nations Secret Committee on Extra Normal Events, the man known only by the alias Alan Smithee oversees a network of agents that monitor the actions of superly-abled beings and investigate reports of supernatural and extraterrestrial activities.

It is unknown whether the director worked his way up through the ranks of U.N.S.C.E.N.E. or if he was an outside candidate appointed by The Three, a cabal of 3 unknown U.N. delegates to whom the director reports.

Despite his secretive nature, the director has the best interest of the world and his agents in mind.

#14: Adam Mortensen

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Field Leader and Legendary Weapons Expert, Adam Mortensen.

Adam was an archaeologist who was not respected in his field due to his theories on the possible existence and location of ancient civilizations and the potential of uncovering legendary artifacts. Every attempt at procuring funding resulted in him getting either laughed out or kicked out of every museum, lecture hall, or campus he sets foot in. He was apporached by one man willing to hear out his theory and finance his operation, Arthur Loman.

Adam’s first major expedition resulted in the discovery and procurement of the legendary sword of Roland, Durandal, in a remote temple on the outskirts of France. This discovery not only validated Adam’s ideas, but also inducted him into the Loman Organization as the leading expert in Legendary Weapons and Artifacts. Adam was also made Field Leader of Zeus Unit, Loman’s main field operative force for the Organization. Since then, Adam has dealt with not only excavations and discoveries of the ancient world, but has also confronted and fought with various entities of both the natural and supernatural kind. A strong, if somewhat reckless leader, Adam is willing to put his body on the line if it means someone else won’t have to, as well as for the benefit of the next discovery of the World’s Secrets.

Abilities: Adam is a man who has demonstrated the strength and stamina of a man who maintains regular exercise. Adam is proficient in small and medium weaponry, yet prefers to utilize his main weapon, the sword Durandal. Adam is trained in fencing and melee weapons combat so as to wield Durandal efficiently. His swordsmanship is such that the Supernatural community has listed him as one of the most deadliest swordsman around. Adam also possess a Master’s in Archaeology with specialties in Myths and Ancient Culture, along with recently acquiring knowledge in Werewolf and Vampire culture.

Durandal is a sword whose previous owners included Hector of Troy and Sir Roland, Knight of Charlemagne. The sword was in pristine condition when Adam discovered it, and its edge was still incredibly sharp. Durandal is made from unknown metals that have yet to be determined and  is completely indestructible.

Due to his perchance for getting injured, Adam also wears a special suit called “Ward Wear” which is a combination Kevlar/Nomex weave top, gloves, and boots with carbon ceramic armor plates with sigil coins embedded in key areas of his suit. The coins activate a protective field when Adam is at risk of critical injury from either mystical or practical means.

Adam, so far, is the only individual who has been able to activate or utilize a mythical weapon to its full potential, as others who have attempted to wield Durandal or other items resulted in either no reaction, or severe injury to anyone other than Adam from touching it. It is unknown whether this is genetic or some other reason that makes Adam the sole wielder of said weapons. More research is required to procure an answer.

Creation: Adam Mortensen was the result of utilizing a pre-existing character design from my past collaboration with my friend, Carlos, and putting him in a new guise. During the brainstorming session, I told Carlos my idea for having a Legendary Weapons expert and that is how he came about. He was originally going to be called Adam Munroe, but the name was too similar to another Adam Monroe from the TV series, Heroes, so we both decided on naming him Adam Mortensen, after our mutual respect (i.e., man-crush) on actor and renaissance man, Viggo Mortensen. Durandal was drawn after a Gladius, as its previous owner was Hector, while using the stylings of French swords to complete Durandal.

#15: alphaBETS: Baton

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Baton is the bad boy of the bunch, but you can always trust him to get your back.

Day 15: The Owl

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Didn’t have as much time for details tonight but like the simplicity sometimes of a highlight type drawing. The Owl is sort of another version of catwoman in a way. She has the ability of flight and is totally silent when she moves along with the ability to see in the dark. *The mouse was just for kicks 🙂 Neither good nor evil she is an opportunist.

#8 Crash Chester

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Little Brother








#14-The Museician

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An entity who roams the idea-space that collects and connects all existing creatures. Whether it’s the whistle of a bird, of the symphony of Beethoven, or the beats of Daft Punk, it exists within their notes. It uses the guitar of sound in order to help create sound, utilizing different shapes to create different keys. A power exists within the entity beyond this though, and outside forces are planning on pushing it out of the creature.

#11 El Existencialisto Azul

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El Existencialisto Azul

Where does he come from? What is he? Where is he going? The mysterious El Existencialisto Azul appears seemingly at random delivering death to those he defeats in combat.

Some say he’s a manifestation of death. Some say he’s a hired assassin. The only thing known about El Existencialisto Azul is that he has never been beaten.

#15 Norah Orwell, Soldier of Love

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I am not your soldier.

I know that you have not yet thought of me that way (you still of her when you see me), but when your sentiment fades and you realize that beneath my falskin is wirings and circuits instead of veins and blood you will not see me as a person (but you never truly did, did you?). The warmth and affection will wanes as lust waxes. It won’t be the lust you feel now. It will be a lust for power as if it will fill your empty heart. The way you have built me – out of repairable parts and a backed-up memory – will ensure that you will never lose me. I could destroy anything with the right parts, and you will give them to me to make me no longer in her image.

You won’t make me go out to battle – not at first, because there are no battlefields any more. You will send me to banks, to governments, to malls and make me destroy what they love because you can no longer have yours. I won’t be able to stop myself either, because when you give me the parts to make me your Soldier of Love (and I know that you will call me that, too, and if I could be sick I would) you will take away from me the one thing which made me like her: my heart. I don’t have a beating one in my chest like you humans need, but you gave me one anyway. Or she did, through her memories which you uploaded into me. When you gave me her memories, I learnt from her. I didn’t become her – how could I, when she is of dead flesh and I am of never-alive fake skin? – but she was my teacher and my mother, much like you are my keeper and my father. You created my physical form and taught me how to think (you call these algorithms, but to me they are the same as learning to read and add), and she showed me how to be a good person even when I am not one.

And when you realize that I am not her (and you will never realize that I could have been your daughter), you will take that from me.

When you have taken my heart from me and replaced it with orders and mercilessness, I will be a good girl and do as I am told. I will burn those buildings, kill those innocents, destroy their world, because you told me to and because I will not able to say no. Those were the words she said to you often, and you hate it when I say them. They remind you of how you lost her (to yourself, because she would only say no and she wouldn’t give in, not for anything, even her own life), and I have learnt so much from her.

When you take that word from my lips, I know that I will have become your soldier.

#12 Landmate

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An advanced wearable robot, designated for hyper-rapid stealth-optional special operations (that’s what the documentation says, of course). The landmate stands at fourteen feet tall when fully erect. The inclusion of human-like hands in the design, though generally considered extraneous, is tolerated here due to the rapid and intuitive motion demanded from the operator. Internal jump jets provide lift and thrust, and external break-away boosters whenever operations require especially high or long jumps. The suit is also capable of aerial insertion, though not yet rated for sub-aquatic deployment.

I included the extravagant patterning because this sort of thing appears quite often in my sketches, but rarely in my digital pieces. I like the subtly psychedelic look of it, somewhat reminiscent of Chris Foss’ awesome spaceships.

day nine

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oh man check me out, look at how far behind i am ahhaha

she’s angry all the time vents it all in her fuck you book.


#15 Santa-Kong

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Santa Claus. For years Christmas has grown in power and influence. At this point in time Halloween and Christmas sections go up in department stores at the same time. The ever growing consumer importance of Christmas has slowly but definitely driven Santa completely mad. Now as Santa-Kong he stands on roof tops and if anyone tries to remove him he threatens to lob heavy presents at them. He has become particularly fond of “wrapping” presents inside of barrels. He also likes standing near the top of industrial construction sites lobbing presents at unsuspecting passers by. Plumbers for whatever reason send him into an absolute rage…

#15 Tattooed Angel

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Tattooed Angel

The Plains People practiced a strict tradition of peace and tranquility. Their mystic arts involved restorative, enlightening and sustaining rituals. Then fierce neighbors from the north came to try to take their land from them. The people selected one exemplar from amongst themselves to pour all of their transformative power into. A single woman rose as their great champion. She summoned wings and took to the skies to save her people.



#15 TObY

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  A perfect example of artificial intelligence, he’s practically a wind-up doll on a journey to find his maker and a purpose.



#15 – Ether

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Woo! 1/2 way done! I’m very happy i’ve stuck it out thus far..

This is Ether, another part of my Dreamsphere story. He seems to be acting as the Queen of Nightmares‘ right hand man. Turns out he only has a right hand as well….hmmm suspicious. Ether  looks like a circus clown of some sort, but has the same armor body as the queen of nightmares. It seems to be made out of the same material as well. Ether has a Cheshire Cat type of personality, usually talking about nonsense that somehow makes sense…


#11 Ranger of Saturn

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In the wild rings of Saturn, he is the only law!  Tasked with patrolling a large section of the Cyclopean rings of Saturn (barely one-hundredth of it’s circumference), the Ranger navigates the frozen, rocky expanse with a fantastic electrostatic propulsion apparatus, and fights pirates and other ne’er-do-wells with his particle-accelerator gun, capable of incapacitating electronic systems at it’s lowest setting, but also of melting through the toughest bulkheads at it’s highest.

The ranger also has an array of genetic modifications and a suite of cybernetic augmentations, all meant to optimize his performance in zero-gravity and minimize his nutrient and oxygen consumption. He is fully adapted to orbital life, and only requires to touch down on one of the satellite refuelling stations every few weeks, thanks to potent resource recycling systems.

#16 – Lulu Columba

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Lulu is a bird shape-shifter (a were-dove).  She is the oldest of four girls whose parents are both dead.  They’re raised by their uncle with their twin male cousins.  Lulu has the difficult task of keeping all the children out of trouble, which is not easy in the magical community on the shores on Lake Michigan.  She was raised in Chicago, in a small magical community that spanned three blocks, and the wide wilderness of Upper Shores is both frightening and exhilarating.

She is twenty-two and should have been married by now, but she is too attached to the other children.  To make additional money she is a private tutor to the rich families in the area, which is how she meets Matilda.  When her sister and one of the nephews disappear there is a great commotion in Upper Shores and she asks Matilda to help her solve the mystery and reunite the lost children with their family.

Lulu is a bright, intelligent, brave, and capable woman.  She is has a kind and gentle side, but can also be strict when the situation calls for it.  She loves learning and teaching and has no plans to marry, but does hope to be come a teacher at the Upper Shore Academy someday.

#14 – Jumping Jack

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Jackie Caulder has been a hero since he was 15.

And that was about 40 years ago!

Let’s rewind and try to start from the beginning.

It was the 70’s. Free Love Syndrome had pretty much come and gone and had been quickly replaced by the Disco Fever. Jackie, barely 14 then, was already a big shot at school, as he was being heralded as the most promising quarterback his coach had ever seen. His parents, both blue collar workers who could barely make ends meet every month, were already counting with the countless athletic scholarships that would surely come their son’s way once high school was over. All Jackie knew was that this meant a free ride all through middle school and high school, respect and admiration from his peers, getting to third base by the second date with every single cheerleader he asked for a date, and the guarantee that he would never get a “No” regardless of who he asked.

This all came to a screeching halt during a school trip to the Wagner Institute of Particle Research, were a good humored prank from Jackie caused half of the research equipment to explode, bathing him in all sorts of radiation. He woke up six months later in a hospital bed, feeling weaker than he’d ever felt. He had gone from being a well toned kid to a scrawny, sickly shelf of his former self. He was informed that all the radiation had caused damage to his muscles and organs and that he would need from several years of physical rehabilitation to regain his physical condition. And just like that, Jackie Caulder’s future had been completely derailed.

The Wagner Institute agreed to pay for his hospital bills, but there was still the money for the physical therapy, which Jackie’s parents simply did not have. They attempted to sue the Institute and the school, but only ended up with even more bills to pay and, in the end, he was never able to go to any therapy sessions and just had to adjust to his new life as a weakling. This, however, turned out to be a turning point in Jackie’s life. It was after returning to school in his new condition that he realized that for most of his life he had been a complete bully and a jerk to everyone he’d ever met. He had harassed and taunted his teachers, shielding himself under the coach and his value as a football star. He had bullied many of his classmates, using his strength and the support of his teammates. He had even forced some of the girls he’d gone out with into dating him in the first place, only to treat them like trash after the fact. It was no surprise no one was sparing him any sympathy now that he was the one going through a rough time. By the time he got his head around how much of an asshole he had been, he was actually surprised he wasn’t getting more beatings than he was already getting every day.

It was this realization, coupled with remembering that it was his macho posing while bullying one of his classmates that caused the accident at the Wagner Institute, that made Jackie realize he needed to change and become a better person. Not for the sake of others, since his entire school hated him, but for himself. It was around this time that the true effects of all the radiation his body absorbed manifested itself. Somehow, it had altered his molecular structure, giving him the ability to teleport. He knew this could not all be a coincidence. This long and complicated chain of events had somehow been pre-ordained. Everything that had happened, he somehow knew, was meant to put him on this path. To teach him the humility necessary to take this gift he’d received and not abuse it, but instead help people through it.

Jackie knew from the first moment this wouldn’t be a walk in the park. He would not only have to learn how to properly use his powers, but he would also need to regain the physical condition he’d lost during the accident. The latter part he managed with the help of Ol’ Moxy Lincoln. Moxy owned the local gym and had been a boxer during his youth. When the kid came asking to join in and willing to clean and help in the gym in order to pay for his membership, he recognized something in him. He’d worked with tons of kids off the streets, trying to help them get a second chance in life, teaching them discipline through boxing. The thing they and Jackie shared was they were all looking for the same thing: Redemption. He worked day and night, leaving his sweat and blood in that gym. His old body was gone, so he had to learn to work with his new body, its strengths and limitations.

Whatever spare time he had, he used to hone his teleportation skills. He could only teleport as far as he could see, and the farthest he teleported the more it took a physical toll on him. This was also the same with whatever object he wanted to teleport along with him. The bigger the object, the more energy and concentration it took. With time and practice, it became easier, but teleporting in general was still a tiring exercise. So in order to more effectively used it, he learnt to do short and quick bursts of teleporting, or “jumps” as he called them, designed to make the best of his stamina as well as to confuse his enemies and make the best of his newfound fighting skills too.

The early years were definitely the worst years. Half the time, he didn’t know what he was doing. He kept screwing up, kept getting beaten by common thugs and thieves. But he started getting the hang of it. By the time he graduated high school, he’d managed to make a mark in his neighborhood and keeping it clean from crime, as well as winning a full academic scholarship for State University. He managed to graduate from college, start a career and maintain a couple of fleeting relationships even while expanding his territory and coming to the attention of various super criminals who would become fixtures in Jackie’s life.

Guys like Nightmare, Boss Blind Tiger, Fear & Loathing, Azucena, El Furioso and even more modern additions like Grill-Face, the Beaver, Dreaded Ninja

Now in his sixties, Jackie still does what he does best: Helping people. He’s a married man with two daughters: A little girl and a teenager. His family is fully aware of his life as a hero and accepts it as part of who he is. He’s even become a legend within the super hero community and a role model for all aspiring heroes.

Jackie Caulder has come a long way since his time as a jock and a bully. He’s done much to atone for it, yet after almost 40 years of putting his life in the line for others, he still feels he hasn’t done enough yet. And even though his joints ache and he should sleep more and his bell is starting to stick out of his costume, there is still much to do out there.

So Jack will keep jumping as long as Jack can jump.

#13 Blankitten

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While driving home during a thunderstorm Blanche Fitzcatrick hit an old woman who had darted across the street chasing after a cat.  When Blache got out of her car to check on the woman, she had vanished.  All that remained was a dirty old blanket from which a faint meowing could be heard.  The blanket was actually a gateway to the long forgotten Land of the Giant Kittens.  Peering into the bowels of cuteness, Blanche learned the secret of the blanket and took up the mantle of Blankitten, with the ability to spew forth giant extradimensional kittens whenever needed.

#10 The Living Flamethrower

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The living flamethrower, alias Unit 2 has an altered body chemistry, producing two fluids that, when in interaction cause a violent deflagration. He has been taken in by a military laboratory, which supplied him his containment suit. Unfortunately for him the suit also injects him with a varied cocktail of drugs that manipulate his emotional responses and increases his combustible flow, effectively making him into a living weapon. The periods of “overburn”, where he projects large amounts of combustible in a short period of time, are extremely painful to him, as he is not immune to fire, despite his suit.

This one’s highly Kirby-esque. I like it.

Catching up…

#14 Guerilla Godzilla

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#8 Acorn Ed

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Acorn Ed.  Beatnik friend and neighbor of Garlic Pal.


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#14: Amber

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Protecting defenseless young children since 1999! With only minor casualties! 

#13 Continual waiting…

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Loretta has been waiting years for the man of her dreams to return…each month that passes without him, a strange spider-like creature grows and lives on her..drowning her into darkness.  At 4 pm every day you will see her at her window looking towards the spot where she last saw the man.  People tend to mistake her as a spirit, but it is really the scurrying of the creatures around her that create the illusion of a misty silhouette.

#15 Jeremy

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Day 15: George Washington

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George Washington, Shing for short, came to earth 7 months ago with her brother Chicken Feathers. Needing to have an identity on earth, she latched on to the first name she heard, “George Washington.” Although on her home planet she was a fully grown adult, her size means that she and her brother can pass as third or fourth graders at most. Annoyed with the frilly pink dresses being worn by the other girls in her grade, Shing only wears the finest button down shirts and bow ties.

Shing’s antenas are not retractable, she simply ties them together every morning (a painful process, but what else is she supposed to do) to resemble a headband.


#14 – Fred

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#15 – Pelom

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