#1 Bikini-Bat

| November 15, 2011 | 0 Comments

RRrrrOOWR-SQUEAK! No one escapes the BIKINI-BAT!

My first character was inspired by the passing Halloween season and my girlfriend’s hot bodacious rack. Bikini-Bat is my funky fusion of Gidget/surfer early-60’s teen fun meets Horror and Halloween.

BIKINI-BAT ©2011 Gregory C Giordano


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Category: 2011, Horror, Humor, Superhero

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I'm a bohemian, freelance fine artist/illustrator/multimedia designer stubborn ape-man. comic book illustrator and /filmmaker/animator/ in the past and for long-term ambitions. I like to cook. 'Tend to be more of a Coffee house type. Art & film fan: I dig experimental & highbrow while gobbling up the guilty pleasures of underground and lowbrow. Basically I'm a crazy Sicilian/Puerto Rican-artist-Geek! For my whole life I've been an artist. No weekend warrior- every day. I don't like the so-called "real world"; I feel much better off for being either in collision with it or via creativity, providing my tiny fraction of an alternative to it's grind. Art and creativity, dreams and stories- all that is the only bulwark against the dehumanization of the stuff that can get us down and ground up- so I plan on being part of making the former. Art=action=alternatives. Nuff said. Currently, I am producing art in preparation of the release of a webcomic with creative partner/friend, Bill Woodcock, Jr. This Graphic Novel in serialized form called HOLLIDAY.

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