11 – The Anonymous Avenger

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 … continued from Character #10, The Wooden Wizard…


Reginald Wright was once a standup police officer, with a clean image and the respect of the public.  That all changed when he discovered that his partner was not only a dirty cop, but a Murder Man working for the notorious Korvus Kain.  When Wright resisted recruitment attempts and stopped the Murder Man sent to assassinate him, he found that Kain could reach beyond simple murder when his career was killed with false accusations and planted evidence.  Now a security guard at a gymnasium, Wright has begun taking classes at the local community college, working toward a degree in electrical engineering.

Like many, Wright was an admirer of the Five Points of Freedom and their civic works.  He noticed a decrease in crime in the neighborhood that he lived when the team became publicly known.  Who wants to get caught by someone who can fly?  He also noticed the increase in criminal activity when the Five Points became more focused on grander, more surreal threats, like the Wooden Wizard.

After a particularly violent encounter with some Murder Men, Wright decided to take matters into his own hands.  Inspired by the Five Points and other heroic types, Wright fashioned a costume out of pieced he scavenged from the locker room used by a semi-professional wrestling league that performed at the gym he guarded after hours.  Protecting his self with a bulletproof vest and armed with a pair of “shocking gauntlets” that he built himself, each capable to incapacitate an enraged elephant, Wright took to the streets as the Anonymous Avenger to fight crime under the radar of most super powered heroes.

The Anonymous Avenger started a trend of vigilantism where civic minded, capable people taking on the criminal elements ignored by the heroes they idolized.  While all these heroes, super powered and not, were on the look out for their villainous counterparts, they should have been watching out for the children.  Particularly, children like…

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