11 – His Excellency, Dr. Ydronius

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Dr Ydronius is one of the most well respected politicians on Earth – the fact that he is the 25ft tall purple ambassador from the planet Thrakun and Affiliated Planets is however the thing that tends to catch peoples attentions the most.  Thrakonians are a sentient race who, having evolved on a world which regularly has large fluxes in its gravity due to the influence of its vast moon are increddibly strong – not only do they have the strength you’d expect in a 9 ton being, but they are able to convert their circulatory system into a form of hydraulics to amplify their strength yet further when needed.  That being said, as a race of herbivores they are less prone to violence than humans, and while Thrakonian on Thrakonian violence isn’t entirely absence, there have only been 3 instances of Thrakonian/human conflict, all started by humans.  Predictably, the winner was the side who could shrug off an artillery round.

Ydronius is an incredibly skilled negotiator, and has done a lot to increase trade between the Thrakonians and humanity, aswell as preventing several intergalactic incidents between humanity and other races.  He is known for his appreciation of art, music and literature,  Much to some peoples amusement he is partialness to merlot, which he drinks using a ratio of one barrel filling one of his giant sized glasses.  He is in the process of having some giant human instruments made so he can attempt to learn them.

I came up with the idea of a hydraulic blood system years ago, and indeed the concept was then also attached to a giant purple monsters then.  I never did anything with the concept though and I put it in the mental file “for future use”.  When I was doing this I wanted to have an alien who was physically powerful, but not a warrior, and it occured to me that using the old hydraulic blood would make sense here, and I liked the image of a giant monster in a suit walking to some sort of fancy dinner with a tiny human woman accompanying him.  I imagine that Dr. Ydronius sounds something like Kelsey Grammer.

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