13 – Reine de Chance

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… continued from Character #12, The Adventureteers…


Renée Roue always wanted fame and fortune.  Trained in the criminal arts by her father, Renée was able to fend for herself when she ran away from home into the streets of Paris when she was an adolescent.  Described as a little “off” by those who knew her in the early days, Renée became renowned for her daredevil nature and willingness to attempt even the most foolhardy felonious feat.

As she grew up, Renée became more mentally unhinged and more willing to accept more extreme assignments.  It turned out that Renée had a knack for kidnapping and random acts of violence, though those were often self motivated and not commissioned.  Over time she built a criminal empire, where people feared for their safety and did not try to cross her, especially after seeing the fates of those who attempted betrayal.

The self proclaimed “Queen of Chance” gained notoriety after televising a game of Russian roulette played by a small group of wealthy hostages.  And herself, in full Marie Antoinette costume.  Easily bored, Renée found a new challenge in the rising superhuman population.  She staged elaborate games of chance, with property and lives often at stake, for various heroes and villains to participate.  Pursued by the Five Points of Freedom, the Adventureteers and many others, Reine de Chance remains free largely due to her insanity and the actions she is willing to perform and sacrifices she’s willing to make.

While, the Queen of Chance operates on a global scale of chaos, American heroes have their own villains to contend with such as the mayhem caused by…

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  1. This is a brilliantly executed composition.

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