#14: The Scornful Knight

| November 15, 2011 | 1 Comment

The Scornful Knight, whose judgment is imminent. Shallow and narrow-minded, he dislikes it when he is talked down upon, but ironically, speaks ill of others. Pathetically enough, he fears getting his real hands dirty, and always wears some gloves over his hands before he takes the lives of others, greets them, or touches them (enemies and friends alike, or those whom he dislikes). He sees this as a mercy, but really, it isn’t. Cowardly on the inside, arrogant on the outside.

My friend told me to create a character based on myself, and I took that at another value: based on my personality. I’m not trying to glorify any part of me, nor do I want this to seem like an arrogant approach to creating a character. Ultimately, this is how I feel I am like, at the core of my personality. And thus, this is why I have a series of characters belonging to the tragic kingdom…all the ugliness locked inside.



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  1. This guy definitely looks like he thinks he’s better than me.

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