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BricherDudley “Brick” Bricher was born in Bloodstained Corner in Junction Point.

That’s what the locals call it anyway, the actual name is Bludstaint Corner, named after McAllroy Bludstaint, the most famous baseball player to ever come from the city. “The Great Mac” hit 700 home runs and is a hall-of-famer.. Nowadays, Bludstaint Corner is a district overrun with mob crime and many bloody conflicts among the three houses.

Thus it’s colorful nickname, Bloodstained Corner.

Nobody dares to go there between the hours of 12:01 AM and 12 Midnight, at least not on purpose. The police are just as bad, if not worse, than the mobs. Those who aren’t connected to the three Houses (not to mention the unofficial “Fourth House” known as the Junction Point Police Department) are stuck in the middle.

Dudley Bricher is one of those perpetually stuck. He’s a good guy by nature. A trained cook, he owns and operates a local restaurant, one of the few not controlled by one of the houses. At times, they let him be and don’t consider the massive guy a threat.

Unfortunately, a series of events in Dudley’s life has turned his life upside down. A murder involving his brother and sister-in-law has made his entire family a target by the families, and instead of sitting back in fear, the former Marine takes back not only the streets but his life.

At 55, he’s not as young as he used to be, but he’s more than willing to fight for what he believes in. And he knows it’s not going to end pretty.

Bricher: TM & (C) Jeff Harris dba Studio Lightcount.

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