#15 Joe The Barbarian

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Joe The Barbarian comes from the frozen northern wastelands of Taskala. He was born with eye of the tiger on the field of battle and is the proud son of the village chief-tan. Growing up in such a harsh and violent environment forced Joe to mature quickly.

By the age twelve he had already killed over a dozen men earning him the honor and the respect of his people who named him their greatest warrior. Joe led the raids that destroyed the dreaded southern cannibal hordes of Baboso. Soon after, he was overcome with the strong desire to travel. He roamed throughout the vast wastelands as a bandit, highwayman, mercenary, and pirate where he constantly encounters horrifying monsters, evil sorcerers, skanky wenches, and hot princesses. The heroic feats Joe performs throughout his epic adventures are motivated  by survival and personal gain, and sometimes the chicks.

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  1. Very nice. Got that Buscema flow on this one. Well done.


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