#15 Miles Connery

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Miles Connery is my personal love letter to the spy genre. James Bond is a character I grew up on and wanted to see ask myself, What if James Bond was not British, but instead an African American spy? Hopefully I could answer that.

Miles Connery is an operative with The CERO(Central Emergency Readiness Organization) Agency’s MX(Missionary Xpert)unit. Miles was an top notch assassin for the US government and has some weapons and combat training in the US Army and has protected our country  in the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. He recently worked for the United States Secret Service protecting the President at his speaking engagements as well as other duties. One time, he saw that the president was in danger and he took it upon himself to assets the situation. The news of his actions spread out like wildfire throughout the intelligence community and has come to CERO’s attention and has recruited him in a matter of days.

Miles’ has always been the one that doesn’t seize an opportunity too often so he decided to do it, not knowing where this can take him. His code number is MX-1. Why? Because for a operative within the MX unit, depending on your past experience, your mission can possibly become your last. He’s never been a fan of authority and always manages to test people’s patience with him.  And like James Bond himself, has his way with the ladies. He has some hand to hand combat skills due to his training in the Army, a very good shot with any kind of weapon at his disposal and is a very good shot.

Height:6’2 Weight:227 lbs. Age 38

Personality: Confident, sometimes sarcastic, self aware of his surroundings, always known of his instincts and always move one step ahead in any situation.



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  1. Definitely see the James Bond influences here 🙂 He could totally be in the spy genre.

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