#15 Tarejal – Conquered

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The ships made no attempt to communicate when they appeared in the skies over our planet. They just hung there waiting, like an executioner’s axe. We spoke amongst ourselves trying to determine the best course of action. Then they began their offensive, and discussion was pointless.

When they launched the attack, they only sent one soldier to face our army. A single soldier against an army of ten thousand of the greatest warriors, and there was only one survivor. The ashes of those ten thousand warriors darkened the sky, as if the whole planet cried at the travesty.

Our weapons were still just metal and chemicals, which could not scratch the laser-etched ceramic armor or pierce the energy shields of the enemy. And there was no cover or shield that could protect against the unstoppable force of the soldier’s weapons. We died by the thousands.

But soon the battles changed and then we realized the greatest terror yet. The war that we fought so far hadn’t been for conquest. While we fought for our existence, they’d been nothing more than playing. Sending a single warrior to see how many primitives would fall before him.

When they changed their tactics, we realized the hopelessness. They launched weapons that annihilated our cities in nuclear holocausts and sent armies to crush any resistance.

We tried to surrender, to gain some hope of continued existence, but they did not respond. For months it continued, and the piles of dead rose higher and higher.

Finally one of their ships landed and announced the terms of our surrender. It was absolute and complete. We were to be nothing more than slaves and livestock to them. But we had no choice. We signed the paper and threw away our freedom. It was the only way to survive.

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