#16 – Lulu Columba

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Lulu is a bird shape-shifter (a were-dove).  She is the oldest of four girls whose parents are both dead.  They’re raised by their uncle with their twin male cousins.  Lulu has the difficult task of keeping all the children out of trouble, which is not easy in the magical community on the shores on Lake Michigan.  She was raised in Chicago, in a small magical community that spanned three blocks, and the wide wilderness of Upper Shores is both frightening and exhilarating.

She is twenty-two and should have been married by now, but she is too attached to the other children.  To make additional money she is a private tutor to the rich families in the area, which is how she meets Matilda.  When her sister and one of the nephews disappear there is a great commotion in Upper Shores and she asks Matilda to help her solve the mystery and reunite the lost children with their family.

Lulu is a bright, intelligent, brave, and capable woman.  She is has a kind and gentle side, but can also be strict when the situation calls for it.  She loves learning and teaching and has no plans to marry, but does hope to be come a teacher at the Upper Shore Academy someday.

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