#4 Plaid Ninja

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Evil lurks in the hearts of men! After the strangest day in her life as a medical intern in the hospital around the corner, one girl decides that enough is enough! She becomes the Plaid Ninja, a terror to any who seek to do crime in her fair city! …or at least, those who try to beat the hospital vending machine into spitting out more bags of chips.

The Plaid Ninja is a master of stealth (she knows where the shadows are, at least), a formidable hand-to-hand combat fighter (if a pair of sai she bought online count as hand-to-hand), a clever and witty wordsmith (whenever she’s drunk off her ass, as far as she can remember), and possesses an undauntable soul (hell, she made it through pre-med).

She knows better than to get in the way of the more well-established superheroes, like the Teen Roach or American Bald EagleMan, but the Plaid Ninja is well aware that there are more important things for the higher-ups to be paying attention to than the petty injustices on the street. So, feel fear, jaywalkers! Beware, parking ticket dodgers! Watch your watch, laundromat users! The Plaid Ninja is here for justice!

The Plaid Ninja has a carrot-colored ponytail she shoves under her plaid ninja mask to help conceal her identity. It has occurred to her that the mole by the inside of her left eye might give her away, but after a fairly embarrassing scenario involving a pair of goggles (she’s got a wicked case of head-based claustrophobia) she decided it was best to go with a less restrictive sort of mask.


(Fell way behind – didn’t have time for sketches and then things didn’t get written down and so on…so I’m skipping the illustrations and just writing things down. Will be posting multiples over the next few days to catch up, sorry for the spam!)

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