#8: Stone Man

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Phillip Line died ten years ago, and yet here he stands, encased in stone. 

His death was predicted and prepared for by his predecessor, who saw him in a dream.  The ancient magics and softened clays were readied to absorb what was left of him as died.  As the one who came before him hummed the incantation in a mouth that could not move, white lights flowed around, moving the soft tissues and fragments of bones into the cold embrance of rock and clay.

He is now a Golem.

Possessing his own memories, as well as that of his predecssors, he understands and quickly masters the magic that surrounds him, allowing him to adapt and survive in any circumstance.  Through technology, he is able to disguise both his massive stone frame and the weight that comes with it, allowing him to look as he once did and move somewhat freely through our world.

As a golem, he works with others, protecting this world from continued attacks by The Grey.  But he has suffered greatly, for lately, he has begun dreaming of a new Golem…

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