#9: The Grey

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“The Greys…where do I begin with them?

“Okay, remember how at the end of World War Two, Werner von Braun got picked up by the Army, and used to develop our space program?”

“Umm – barely.”

“Yeah, I forgot – you sucked at history.

“Anyway, at the same time that happened, the US also picked up a group of German scientists who working on some private stuff for Hitler – occult stuff.

“They were brought back to the States, and Eisenhower gave them their own little base of operations to work out of.  They were pretty much ignored after that, until LBJ came looking for them – he wanted them to act as advisors on the Vietnam Crisis.

“By that time, things had pretty well changed at that base.  Those people had found some success at what they were working on, but it came at a price:  they had all started to change.  Their hair had started falling out, they were getting shorter, and thekir skin was starting to turn grey.

“Needless to say, Eisenhower took one look at them and ran.


You mean this story’s ending?”


“Finally, Nixon became President, took one look at them and declared them ‘outdated screwjobs.’  He had their funding compeltely yanked out from under them, and dismissed them from service.

“Once that happened, things actually found a way to go from bad to worse.”

Wait, ho–“

“By this time, they had decided that they’d had enough of dealing with Presidents, and tried to bring back Hitler.”

Okay, now you’re shitting me; how in the hel–“

“Annnnyway, they weren’t able to bring him back, but they did somehow actually managed to open a hole in space.


“What, no smart-ass comment or something?”

Nah, I figure at this point, I should just wait for you ti finish, and get it all out in one shot.”

“Well, the energy from that sort of pushed them along, and finished changing them into what they are now.”

And that is?”

“You know how people who claim that they’ve seen aliens, and that they all look the same?  That’s these guys – the scientists.  All the energy and everything shrank them a little, fused fingers together, fucked up their eyes and all.

“They were changed into those little grey creatures everyone keeps talking about.  That’s why we call them ‘The Grey’.

“Any questions?”


Did you come up with all of this on your own, or did everyone in the next room sort of help you put it all together?”

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