Day 12 – Deirdre

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For Deirdre, not only did I want to play around with more waif-ish proportions, I really wanted to make her more of a symbol. She is an Alk, but she embodies the result of the downfall of Alk-kind, in that they use their Power for all the wrong reasons. She is one of many victims of the Alk Rule, an example of how self-harming it truly is. Alks possess magic that wasn’t theirs to begin with, but was given to them on the premise that they’d use it to better the world around them. And for a time, they did. But power corrupts, no matter who you are. The Alks began using magic for selfish means. Some of these became very destructive. A new regime was born, where every citizen was forced to use their Power for furthering the Alk Rule.

Deirdre…is a dancer. It’s part of her Power. But ballet has no use in a place where the arts are unwelcome, and try as she might to pursue her creative talent, she was punished, and then cast out. She is inflicted with great pain whenever she tries to dance—that is part of her curse.


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