Day 13 – Nicolai Macamoile

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One of the earliest images I came up with for Nicolai was the image of him with his arms out, as if inviting you in. Nicolai never believed he was doing the wrong thing; he always thought that his ideas were foolproof, that he was keeping the greater good above his own, that people liked him because of what he did than because they were forced to—as the case may be when he takes control of Trident. But he never considered himself a villain, even when those who joined him only joined him because they believed he was, or wanted him to be.

Nicolai resembles Skye in all but name, really. They were very close, almost brothers, and were knee-deep in the same research for years. I wanted to keep their designs very similar as well, to contrast the very different paths they chose, and to give a glimpse of who Skye could have become.


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