Day 14 – Ler Valence

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Ler is the High Razuli term for “Leader”, and as reigning monarch of this reclusive people, Valence is the bearer of that title. He is called Boy-King, though not usually by Razuli. None but they know his true age, but Razuli are rumored to be immortal, and there’s much evidence to support this fact. He is still considered a young boy by their reckoning, however old he is.

Valence is very wise for his (apparent) youth, having grown up surrounded by figures of legend who never hesitated to impart knowledge upon him at any time. [ His father was King when the Alks stole a flickering of the Power that was to be the Razuli’s alone—for the Razuli hold the burden of maintaining the stars and other heavenly bodies. (Hence their name, Star People). His father and his current advisor/bodyguard Joaquin were the ones who led war against the Alk Rule of that day and were forced back, forced up into the mountains that no human can reach.] But although Valence was taught to be cautious of outsiders, he is extremely curious about them. He is also lonely, and wants a friend he can talk to openly and honestly. There isn’t anyone like that in his court, as most of his acquaintances are years older than he is. He may be a King but he’s still a Boy.


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