Day 15: Ariel

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Character #15, Ariel. No sketches this time, she’s large scale design-wise. Her name’s a pun off of “Aerial”. No last name to her either, because she’s not a normal person.

She’s some kind of guardian spirit over the sky, and she controls the weather. Her colors, except for her skin tone and the whites of her eyes, change depending on what state the sky’s in. This is how her colors look typically in the day. Her hair and those bell things are the color of the clouds, her dress and eyes are the color of the sky, and her sash thing is the color of the sky to come. She has different color combos for the times of day (dawn, sunrise, day, afternoon, sunset, and evening) and weather conditions (sunny, cloudy, rainy, snowy).

She’s not strong or anything, kind of a fragile spirit. Ariel can float freely around, but if she’s caught, she can’t get out easily. Her strongest power is control over weather lightning, but it’s also her most unstable. She can’t make it hit the mark exactly yet.

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