Day 15: Valhalla

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Halla or VALHALLA as dubbed by the press, is the daughter of Thor and twin sister of Steinar.  Both were frequent visitors to Earth of the early 20th century following World War I.  While Halla became facinated by the various cultures, arts, and scenes of the time.  Steinar became infactuated with war, and other darker themes he encountered.  By the early 30’s Steinar became entranced by the mortal Adolph Hitler and the nazi party.  Hitler started to see the rise of super powerful beings in other countries such as Miracle, Doctor Elemental, and The Alliance.  Hitler began to court his own private collection of supers, and eventually formed The Uberschwader (Eng. The Ultra-Squadron).  Steinar became his muscle, and also used heavily in nazi propaganda as a sort of pagan god of aryan superiority. 

Meanwhile his sister Halla, despite her love for her brother, wanted nothing to do with Hitler and joined up with The Alliance.  When World War II broke out The Alliance was broken up into three units.  Valhalla was sectioned to the European command with another hero, Miracle.  Over time a romance occured between the two which lasted until the end of the war, when Halla, suddenly decided to leave midgard for unknown reasons.  Recently though she has been rumored to be seen in various places accross the globe.  Why has yet to be seen?

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