Day 7 – Enid

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Haven’t posted here for a few days but I have been keeping up with the challenge!

Enid is an Ordessi in a country of Alks. One of Skye’s closest companions…and later, something more. This was before there was visible tension (re: war) between the two races, but Enid has still come under fire before because she lacks magic, and so is viewed as inferior by…well, a lot of people. But she’s a brilliant and creative worker and refuses to let people’s prejudices bring her down. She hopes to change the strained relationship that Alk and Ordessi share as well as bridge new, peaceful relationships with other peoples. Idealistic? That’s Enid for you. Enid herself is devoted to anthropology and sociology, as well as studying the diversity within the vast numbers of tribes that dwell either within Alk borders or nearby.


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