G. Brett Williams #15 – Donnybrooke

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Donnybrooke – Brooke Fitzpatrick was the only good apple in a whole family of bad ones. Her family was heavily involved in NYC’s Irish mob. Brooke was a good student and a natural athlete, a gifted achiever. She did very well in high school, took martial arts and boxing, got along really well with her classmates. She worked very hard to stay positive and to not get tangled up in the family business. When she was seventeen, the Summer between her junior and senior year of high school, the FBI made a major move against her family. The ones who didn’t end up behind bars ended up dead. When the smoke cleared the entire Fitzpatrick crime family was broken and Brooke Fitzpatrick was left without a family. With no relative coming forward to take her into their care, it looked like Brooke might be remanded to foster care for her final year of high school. But she had a family member she didn’t know anything about.

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