10# Heroic Hound

| November 16, 2011 | 0 Comments

Hello hello cyber world. I hope everybody is doing good out there. it been awhile for me and I’m alittle behind but I will get back on track. this character is inspired from a cartoon show I use to watch when I was little call Under Dog. Underdog was so cool. To me, under dog was the first hip hop cartoon show cause he was rhyming every time he talk  and he was doing drugs to become strong, Awesome. Well, if I had my cartoon show, I would call him Heroic Hound. Not only would he take pills to become strong he’ll shoot up as well, in between his paws, lol. Enjoy everybody. One….


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I'm from Chicago and I love to draw and read and draw. When I do my art I don't think too hard about I just do it. Art is fun.

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