#11 Wind Shear (aka stage name: Wyndsong)

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Wind Shear : neovidual abilities : complete control over air currents at tornado/hurricane strength levels , intangibility at will, invisibility at will.

Aliases :  stage name: Wyndsong

Wind Shear is an intergalactic singing celebrity using the stage name “Wyndsong”. Being one of the most famous singers in hundreds of galaxies she credits the talent of her voice to her neovidual ability of influencing the air current through her lungs and voice box with complete control while instantaneously phasing & solidifying choice sections of those organs at will. Wind Shear is able to achieve notes and pitches that no other can match due to those abilities. The uniqueness in her sound, and being able to sing in thousands of intergalactic languages, has won her interstellar acclaim.

Wind Shear is also a public and proud neovidual heroine and adventurer. She is respected for the good she has done in these areas. Through this activity she has encountered the hero Moonwill, and is quite fond of him. The feeling is mutual. Wind Shear will become a deeply important aspect in Moonwill’s life and those around him in ways he is not yet aware of.

Webcomic:  “Internal Hero Presents”

Artist G.R. on Twitter

Category: 2011, Superhero

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  1. I like the term “neovidual” 😀

    Cool character!

  2. G.R. says:

    Thank you! When I created the term for the Internal Hero universe I knew it was a keeper- I like the way it sounds and rolls off the tongue. I wanted to think of a term that , if these heroes really existed, people wouldn’t mind being called. “Neovidual” I think is a perfect fit. Thanks for the character compliment!

  3. Wyndsong is my favourite so far!!! Amazing work!!

  4. G.R. says:

    Thank you so much, Mirabah! I appreciate your positive energy and support! I’ll be sure to keep you updated on when I draw her next time & future appearances. 🙂

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