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Nubia is another character from A Jagged Road (my graphic novel that has yet to get off the ground). Like Ralyanna, Akoko and Reth, she was taken in from the streets and raise under the tutelage of the suave and cunning Lipho, who uses his network of street urchins to earn him money. Lacking Ralyanna’s merchant talents, Nubia gets by in the world’s oldest profession. Nubia is quite jealous of Ralyanna both for her natural talents and for the disproportionate affection that Lipho has for the fence compared to her. Not that Nubia has no wiles of her own – she has a large base of influential and connected clients and she’s quite adept at prying information from them one way or another.

Besides Lipho, Nubia has a close relationship with another urchin boy, Isoba. She takes the large but dim boy with her when moving through more dangerous areas, or meeting new clients.

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