#15 – Kid Valkyrie

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The Kid Valkyrie! Nobody really knows her name, as she hasn’t bothered to give one to anyone yet. While the rest of the Valkyries are off taking care of the fallen soldiers in the glory of battle, the Kid Valkyrie has a special job – taking care of all the kids who “die” in the glory of battle in their backyards. She whisks them away to Valhalla when they fall, promising them an endless feast of candy and pizza awaits them…

… Okay, so she’s actually just  a little kid who’s Halloween costume went a bit too far. She particularly enjoys raiding the games of the neighborhood boys playing World War II on the hill, swooping in to take the Allies (and sometimes even the Germans) to their personal heaven. Then she gets into battle herself, and somehow always ends up turning into a huge tank…

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