#16 – Jade Cinnamon

| November 16, 2011 | 1 Comment

Skilled with elven blades and gifted as an apprentice mage, Janith Dunharrow has used her wiles and beauty to better her standing in the merchant caste of Tyldown. And why not? Coin rules the town, and whoever controls it has true power. Let the craftsmen craft, and the venders haggle. If Janith has her way, she will soon stand above them all. For now, she’s content to terrorize the merchants trade routes, building up a reputation as an honourable despot, and wealth besides. They all know who she is, but already her hold on the town is tightening. Because she has the local millitia under her control, those few traders and nobles who can see the danger have already left… or are gone, at any rate.

Category: 2011, Fantasy

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Hello, everyone. My name is Gregory Gibbons, and I've been drawing for a long, long time. Check out my website to see some of my gallery stuff, and my little flash games, too.

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  1. Octrapenny says:

    You’re so good with the lady figures. I really like the bare skin along the sides.

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