#16 Precinct

| November 16, 2011 | 3 Comments

In a world where the police can no longer stand tall in stopping all forms of criminal activity, and people running amok and looking for salvation and optimism, there’s a new force in the fight against crime.

Precinct is the latest force in war against all forms of criminal activity. He is one of a team of police officers whose purpose is to eliminate anything in their path. He is a hybrid of human and machine and a living weapon. No one can stand in his way.

In his previous life, he was NYPD officer Edward  Hallmond. A cop with several years under his belt and a all around night guy. One night on patrol, he tried to stop a known dealer on the street but ended up getting killed on duty.

With no known family members, he was the perfect candidate for the experimental project called: Project:Law, the project responsible  for the creation of this new team of former officers working as superheroes to protect New York City at all costs called the Crimekillers.

Height: 6’1 Weight:245 lbs. Age: Unknown but as Hallmond, he was in his early 30’s when his death happened.


A nightstick on his right leg, A specialized handgun located on his back with unlimited bullets. Body armor protects him from the harshest of elements.


Determined, willing to risk it all, and able to care for others.



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Just an artist creating a large amount of artistic things in a world of possible destruction.

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  1. Sonuvabitch, Precinct is one of the best names for a character I’ve ever seen. Totally jealous.

  2. Great idea, sleek armor design!

    My one question is how he manages unlimited bullets?

  3. Listerart says:

    You’ve got a knack for sweet, streamlined but solid costume design. Love this one!

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