#16 – The Ribbonator

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#16 – The Ribbonator

I could never understand the ribbon candy that is put out in dishes during the holidays. Seems like it just sits there for a long time getting disgusting until finally being eaten by some desperate child wandering through the living room of their grandparents house.

The Ribbonator was sent back in time by future holiday foodstuffs controlling a future world. The main candy controller, SweetNet, determined that Karate Kane could stop it’s plans so the Ribbonator was sent back to destroy him.

The Ribbonator has one goal, destroy Karate Kane, and he will mow down everyone who gets in his way. At one point, he tries to find Karate Kane at a holiday party, but is stopped by some party goers. They gave him a hard time about a sweet candy, so the Ribbonator went out to his truck and got his weapon. The final phrase heard by those innocent party goers was, “I’ll cause plaque”, which was said in a slight Austrian accent.

The Ribbonator still hunts Karate Kane to this day, while avoiding the rain and large animals because they make him sticky and irritable.

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