Day #16 – Bartan Virmak Coelsce

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 Bartan Virmak Coelsce or Coel as she is known as to friends is a Ratnak, one of a sentient race of six legged scavengers. Despite their sharp teeth they are not preadators. They are however fast and smart. each of their six eyes work independantly to ensure that nothing bigger and badder can sneak up on them, although there isn’t much bigger badder out there. Ratnak are huge weighing up to 4 000 lbs. Coel herself is a fairly large specimen weight approximately 3 952. Ratnak are fond of war and are often on hand to clear the battlefield of bodies. Their land is unforgiving and harsh so they take advantage of other species disputes. Ratnak rarely keep their own company espcially since they are always trying to outsmart each other, and they aren’t keen on sharing. Being one of the oldest Ratnak Coel usually gets first dibs on battlefields. Though unlike most she avoids the fatty generals prefering the lean meat of the more muscular dead.

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