G. Brett Williams #16 – Finn MacCool (and more Donnybrooke)

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– Finn MacCool –  Brooke’s uncle Colin Dunne had been living in NYC for years, watching her and her family very closely and doing everything he could to disrupt the Fitzpatrick’s stranglehold on the city. He fought crime as the costumed hero Finn MacCool, choosing to focus most of his effort on cleaning up the corruption caused by his family. Colin is the brother of Brooke’s mother. In an attempt to avoid a life of crime, when he was sixteen Colin ran away to Ireland. Once there he found a charitable priest that was willing to take him in and give him work. The priest, who was more of a drunk philosopher than a man of god, convinced Colin that he should turn his youthful vigor and angst to the pursuit of the martial arts. The priest introduced Colin to a man who taught him everything he could about the martial arts. Colin was a natural student and he soon began to thirst for even more knowledge of the fighting arts of the world. He spent a few years traveling, coming to terms with his past, learning who he was spiritually and developing the skills he’d need to some day go back to NY and fight his evil relatives. It was Colin, as Finn MacCool, that helped the FBI finally take down the Fitzpatrick family. Once the damage had been done, Colin stepped in to take Brooke into his care.

It didn’t take long for Brooke to realize that her uncle was actually the hero Finn MacCool. Once she knew for certain, she insisted that her uncle train her to be a crimefighter just like him. He couldn’t very well tell her no when he himself had once felt that pull, that desire to do right and to help people, so he began training her. Brooke’s intelligence and athleticism made her a natural for the crimefighting trade. She fought crime for a time as Colin’s sidekick, then eventually struck out on her own as Colin’s age began to work against him in the field. Brooke, as the hero Donnybrooke, became a crusader for the poor, using her notoriety as a hero to combat the corruption and mistreatment that was rife in the city’s poorer neighborhoods. To Brooke, it’s those conditions that lead to families like the Fitzpatricks going so wrong in the first place.

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