13 – Daisy and Percy

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Daisy is a gnome, a generally very jumpy and easily scared species, but Daisy is the exception, for she is the Bravest Gnome in the World.  Percy is a Guinea Pig, and is the Greatest of His Kind – no other Guinea Pig can match him.  Together they are best friends who travel around having adventures and vexing evil.  They frequently clash with the nefarious Duke of Cats and his schemes to take over the world, but best him every time, but they always travel together, exploring the world of the big people.

Daisy and Percy are very much children’s characters but I like the idea of them existing in the shared world of all the other characters – I feel there is room for innocent stories about daring and courage as much as darker stories.  I also really like the idea of the “Duke of Cats” being a legitimate threat to the entire world, but being continuously vexed by a (very) little girl and her guinea pig – even if he is the greatest of his kind.  That part I particularly like, in Tolkein you encounter horses, wolves, dogs and eagles who are “the greatest of their kind” or similar, but I liked the idea of something more meek and fluffy also having a greatest of their kind!

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