16 – The Forbiddenaut

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… continued from Character #15, The Man of the Moon…


Professor Robert “Spaz” Spassky was a geologist, astronaut and crew member a mission to the moon with the goal of setting up an American observation base to track Earth’s burgeoning superhuman population from an inaccessible location.  He was present when they made the shocking discovery of the Man of the Moon’s unconscious body on the lunar surface.  When loading the strange man onto their escape craft, Prof. Spassky’s eye caught a glint of metal in the bottom of the crater where the man was found.  Bounding down the slope into the crater, Spassky unearthed a long metal rod with the symbols of Earth and the moon at the termini.

Spassky shouted to his teammates to show what he found.  His teammates looked on in horror as the ground by Spassky’s feet erupted with the appearance of enormous tentacles crackling with unearthly energy.  Spassky’s attempts to fend off his unseen attacker with the staff in his hand resulted in a massive discharge of energies that threw Spassky up into the air only to be caught by another tentacle and dragged beneath the surface.

The professor was entombed in soil and darkness that was sporadically interrupted with hypnotic lights and blinding pain.  Spassky’s body was grabbed by an unseen force and pulled back to the surface.  As he was losing consciousness, Spassky saw that his savior was the grey man that they had found.

Professor Spassky, or what passed for him, regained consciousness back on Earth in a quarantined laboratory.  Attempts to remove his space suit failed and even resulted in a nurse sustaining a mild electrical shock.  Spassky’s suited body awkwardly got off the gurney it was laying on and, after some stilted walking, rose a few inches off the ground and levitated to the door of his room.  In a voice like Spassky’s, coupled with electrical feedback, he demanded to see the Man of the Moon.  The soldiers guarding the astronaut provided little resistance to the changed man who threw them aside like ragdolls with a pair of energized tentacles that exploded from his face plate.

With no assistance and through ineffectual opposition, Spassky made his way to the recently awakened Man of the Moon located several miles away and became docile.  The Man of the Moon studied the transformed Spassky and concluded his interaction with his staff and, what he called, the black hole beast on the moon created a sort of hybrid being.  Dubbed the FORBIDDENAUT by a public relations firm, Spassky accompanies the Man of the Moon most places displaying great loyalty to the man.  Whether this loyalty driven by a sense of obligation for saving Spassky or if the beast within is bidding its time to attack remains in question.  Only the future holds the answer.

The Man of the Moon and the Forbiddenaut are unusual additions to the pantheon of powered individuals operating on the Earth.  However, their strangeness pales in comparison to…

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  1. Kennminter says:


    I really enjoy your characters! The art is great!

    -Kenn Minter

  2. Canterel says:

    I like the Kirby-esque style that permeates your work. Your line is very solid, yet lively.

  3. jamiegambell says:

    Fantastic! Will these all tie together into one big story? What are you planning to do with them?

    Really great work!

    • So far all the characters tie into one another (their back story blurbs all lead into the next one). As I am making the story up daily, with a general idea as to where I want to go, it will need some editing at the end. After completing the 30 characters I will go back through them and ink and color them. After that… I’ve never published anything before and I was thinking of putting all these together as an art book with a story after throwing in some additional characters and abandoned concept sketches.

  4. Octrapenny says:

    Very nice work. The tentacles are great.

  5. MikeDubisch says:

    Very cool!!!

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