#16 Ligo, Mogen Priestess

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Mogen priestess

Mogen priestess, follower of Mogena

After the elves discovered the elder forest god Mogena, some of them developed cults around the various elder gods. A group following Mogena called themselves the Mogens. This is Ligo she is a high priestess in charge of ceremony for the Mogens. They wear masks fashioned from skulls and leather, imitating the appearance of Mogena, during ceremonies-initiations/change of seasons. The more elaborate the mask the higher the rank of the Mogen-Ligo has a very well constructed mask so we would know she is of high rank. The skulls used to make the masks come from the huge deer or less frequently dead satyrs or great bears…which makes these skulls highly sought after.

The Mogens are a very secretive society but have come to wield great influence within certain elements of the royal families that dominate elven life.

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