#17 – Miche “Dollface” Holmes

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Had a dream about this gal last night so I thought I would sketch her out. Her name is Miche and she is a derby girl. She lived in Oakland, Ca in some time set in the future (looked like 2100 or so, not much different from our world just a lot of gadgets and things). Regular Roller Derby became obsolete in this age with the passing of a law allowing robotics in sports. Now all sports are played with professonals that have a certain amount of augmentation. It’s impressive in this age to be an athlete with fewer than 3 augments and unheard of to have none. You won’t be able to compete witht he rest of the half robot/half human pack.

So Miche, is a girl with no augments and she decides to start the first non-augmented roller derby league. She collects people from every walk of life and decides to challenge the national roller derby team with her league of normal athletes. Her derby name is Dollface, due to the fact that she paints two bright pink circles on her face before skating. She also wears little angel wings on her back purely for fun 🙂

Having recently become “fresh meat” myself this was a lot of fun to draw. Maybe i’ll do the same as Miche and be Dollface from now on, who knows ^_^

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