Day 16: Hosc Atylo

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Character #16, Hosc Atylo. Taking a break from the moe girls *coughcatherinearielmirandamirakaetc* and making a monster. Last name is pronounced “Ah-tai-low”, made to sound like it’s short for what he is exactly, “A tylosaurus”. This guy has a role in my Venomamillia series.

Hosc is one of many “fossil freaks”, a derogatory term used to describe old species like dinosaurs and what-not that are still thriving. He once served as a waiter and guard at a restaurant run by a few other fossil freaks. After an incident, everyone abandoned it, and now Hosc just lives in the run down joint, fixing it where he can. He is very strong, and can lift a car if needed. If he charges at something, he has to hit his mark or else he just stumbles over from lack of planning. Hosc can be quite clumsy and hard-headed.

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