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Cog is a robot in a world of robots (who built the robots or where the creators went is left unexplained, as is common in these kinds of stories), who has left his job of manual labor in order to become a fiction writer. Hour long days of drudgery give his mind time to wander and contemplate the greater world and convince himself that he is a veritable fountain of stories that need to be told, held back only by the time he needs to put them to (digital) parchment. Upon finally leaving his job, his goal to stop being a Cog in the system (name drop) is halted as he can’t seem to think of anything to write.

Spoiler: Cog is me.

Category: 2011, Scifi

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I do webcomics, many of them of questionable taste and sanity. You can find my collection of work on tumblr (digitalsocrates.tumblr.com) or if you prefer it not diluted by random reblogs and webcomic news, at my websites comicrehab.com and cyphimedia.com. I also update my deviantart once in a blue moon (cyborgphilosopher.deviantart.com).

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