#17 – Ravenfang the Desolate

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This gryphon-like demon lord has seen millions of years fly before him, and he will likely see millions more. Rather than remain in the public eye, the reclusive Ravenfang prefers to keep to his shadowy temple, a dark structure that hides amongst a dark, rainless storm, floating around the demon realm.

Ravenfang radiates despair from his body, so that those with weak wills who get too close to him find themselves stricken with negative emotions. It’s said that those who touch him lose all their willpower, and that he can crush their souls in half with his talons. Though many rumors surround him, not many who venture to his keep really die or even disappear… rather, they seem to vanish for a while, only to reemerge later, confused and depressed.

Ravenfang, in all honesty, probably has the power to do all the things that the rumors say he does. But Ravenfang is so old and weathered in spirit that he just prefers to be left alone to watch the world in silence.

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